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Originally Posted by KnicksFan4Life
How is Marion underrated? He made the All-star team because the Spur coach saw him, and didnt underrate him. If anyone is underrated its Andrei Kirelinko. Tony Parker made the All-star team over him. HOW THE **** DID THAT HAPPEN? Shawn is not even close to underrated. The most underrated player in the NBA is Jason Kidd

Marion should be THE starter of this year's all star team.

Marion in last three seasons missed only 5 games (2 of them were just to rest him, becuse there was nothing to lose).

Kirilenko on the other hand missed in last three seasons 57 games. Kirilenko is a great player but injuries are stopping him to become a really great player.

Yes, Jason Kidd in underrated, I agree.
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