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Default Re: A Picture of Steve Nash

Originally Posted by AirTupac
Like you'll do anything with Rose and scrubs. Boozer will just choke some more and Rose will get tired of carrying the scrub Bulls and fail once again. U MAD ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trolololol

How has the compressed season hurt Kobe? He got surgery, got time to rest and says he feels a lot better (has an extra bounce again). Also Maniak has a point, Bynum might not even be on the team come Christmas.

I don't see Orlando and especially New Orleans taking Bynum. He's 26, and has no knee. Because he'll be playing constantly. Not just oh back to back then maybe a practice or a day off. He'll be doing at least one backbackback On that knee? I don't care if he's had surgery it'll still bite him in the ass so to speak. I don't think their window's closed. Like Maniak said they can get a trade but I doubt they do, and they still have no frontcourt depth anyways.
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