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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3

Originally Posted by GOBB
Two of your buddies are annoying. The one dude who is really good I think Black Angel or Black Ninja (not sure). That guy has some game rage issues. I'm not quite sure what his expecations are for a game. I mean we win, and he goes positive and still complains. He'll end a match going 42-8 and its

"This game is the worst call of duty game everrrrrrrrrrr omg BLAM I'm sorry I got to go. I'm done after this game. F*ck you Robert Bowling and your game. I'm trading it in to Gamestop. I cant do this omg he's using assassin go figure. I cant do this. I'm so done with this game. Like I'm done, I'm going to eat BLAM."

But you already ate 20mins ago when you left.

"I know I eat alot. I eat like every 45mins."

"BLAM invite me. i'll give it one more try."

*match starts and not even 3 minutes pass*


Guy K/D is high as crap most likely. He always goes positive. And we usually always win. I dont get it. Broken record. Next time he starts I'm going to mock him before he gets to rage. I'll say exactly what he plans to say.

The other guy I dont even remember his gamertag but he rages alot over everything. And not just rages, he screams. Sometimes I mute him.

yeah i guess he just has really high expectations... . He does cosistently well and still has problems i dont know man some people take stuff to seriously, i laugh about it all the time thats why i joke about him tweeting to robert bowling. The other guy is joe/ animosity31 yeah he rages a bit much but oh angry caucasian college kid with repressed rage...
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