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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3

The only time I rage is playing solo. If I play in a party and lose it doesnt bother me as much. Solo? I'm damn near ready to send the entire team crazy notes. Party? Eh, it happens. Like one team we played 3 straight times and they won. Most were going negative but they rushed the hell out of them flags. I know everyone else was probably mad or annoyed whatever the case may be. But it didnt bother me. It was a good tactic imo on their part. And coming across teams who play together is fun. You never know how they approach a Dom game.

Anyway, I don't think Fallen is that bad compared to a map like, say, Lockdown. Talk about a map with too many buildings.

Maps are growing on me as I get used to them. Dome, Interchange, Village, Resistance, Hardhat, Mission.. all decent maps imo. Seatown, Fallen, Carbon, and Underground are meh, still don't like Lockdown, Outpost, Arkaden, and Bakaara... think that's all of them.

Anyone f*cked around with Specialist killstreaks? It's kinda fun, especially when you get all of the perks after an 8 killstreak. Shit feels like you're Superman running around.

Dang the folks I come across dont like Outpost. I actually like that map.

I tried Specialist two times. I got the 8 killstreak (using hardline of course) and got shot in the back by the guy I killed to get all the perks in the first place. What initial perks do you use and what 3 do you have as unlockables? Next time I play Kill Confirmed I'm going to give it another try. I gave up on it too quick. Think I was so butt hurt after getting all the perks and dying soon after made me sour.
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