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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Playing with people who can't play(dribble pass make a layup etc.)

A lot of times people are uncomfortable and nervous in the role and it makes them worse than they are. Worst thing u can do is coach amateurs in pickup basketball IMO. A: Because they never have had any real coaching or proper techniques taught to them.... unless it something simple like go under the screen let him shoot. B: They have a "I have x amount of skills i can do it all".

Basically if your clearly the best player on your team. They cant do everything you do, so all u can do is try to make them feel comfortable in their role and let them play to their strengths.

You be surprised how many people will air ball 5x in a row then because u actually gave them the ball instead of being selfish will hit the game winning 3 or something. But i understand where your coming from..but like u said its PICKUP so u know it is what it is.
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