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Default Re: Playing with people who can't play(dribble pass make a layup etc.)

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I agree that a challenge is great. However, my favorite types of challenges don't come from playing with teammates who aren't good. Instead, the best case scenario would be two competent teams going head to head (which I know is not always possible). I suppose skill is all relative, but if I'm running with a team that is low on basketball logic (ill-advised passes in routine situations, extremely poor shot selection, etc.) it can be fun to go into take over mode and try to pull out a W but it's not preferable.

Essentially, being the man (and the 2nd man, and the 3rd man) is good for a challenge, but can also be quite frustrating.

I usually run the point and try to only give players the ball when they have a good shot or have an advantage on their defender. Even if the other team is more skilled I can still play to my advantages
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