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Default Re: 2011-12 Jazz could play big-man musical chairs

So wait, you're saying let's trade Jefferson, Bell, CJ, Okur, and Harris for Gasol?

No. One rumor had Jefferson going to the Hornets and Gasol to the Jazz. Would be all over that. The others I would look to trade for whatever they can get.

Wouldn't trade Jefferson for Gasol straight up. Gasol is 31 and with all of the time he's played in Europe over the summer he's got a lot of mileage on his legs. He was clearly spent by the time the playoffs started and was horrible in the Mavs series because of fatigue. Most Gasol apologists say that he was tired due to having to compensate for Bynum's injury.

Sounds like it had more to do with personal problems he was having at the time. Not like he would have to worry about it with the Jazz. They aren't going anywhere.

If he came to Utah he'd have to shoulder an even bigger load.

And as he showed on a couple good Memphis teams he's capable of doing that. No one else on their roster is.

His defense isn't markedly better than Al's

Other than he actually plays some.

he is five years older

And in his prime with two rings. World Championship. An proven unselfish winner not a statistical black hole.

Al for Gasol does not make us a better team.

Can't see how it wouldn't.

would rather trade Millsap

Trade their best player and one of the best contracts in the league instead of someone that hasn't proven he can be part of a winning team?

I would rather see us pick up a guy like Danny Granger, who fills a bigger need for the Jazz than Gasol.

Sure but Granger is supposedly untouchable while Gasol was just traded.

Gasol>AJ anyday

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