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I like the moves. JJ is an easy one of course. Prince isn't a great player or anything, but he's teh best SF we had a chance at and he got below market value. Caron Butler got 8 and Prince is better and healthier IMO. Guys like Battier,Ariza,Mike Miller etc. get the MLE in this league, about 6 per. Prince is easily better than those guys. He got role player money and now he'll retire a Piston probably. I like it.

I hold out hope that we can trade Ben or Charlie and at least revamp the team a litlte, but if not, I'm willing to see how we look with Knight, 2nd year Monroe, healthy JJ and a new coach.

I'd like Stuckey back, but hopefully on a QO. I'm also leery of what we could end up paying him. I don't want to lose him for nothing, but I don't want to overpay long term either. I like the idea of him as our 6th man, but not over 6-7 mil.
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