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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Playing with people who can't play(dribble pass make a layup etc.)

Originally Posted by Ai2death
For a start there was a time when all of you couldn't or didn't know how to play. My main problem is with people who don't know how to play but don't make any sort or effort to get better or put any energy into at least trying. I have a pretty good knowledge of how to play and where to be, plus different moves and techniques. I constantly help my team by teaching and positively crittisizing their play. If the listen as put what I teach into motion to the beat of their abilities, I'm fine with that. But when they disregard it and believe they are already the best, then we got a problem. I myself and always seeking more knowledge and skills to get better

I agree 100% right here. If i play with you i dont care if your not any good. But I DO EXPECT you to play with energy and want to win. Yes at one point we were all inexpereinced low level players, but you have to want to do better for yourself. And i find out more times than not people dont care, and make excuses like " Im a football player, i jus play for fun".....

I play for fun to but its no fun in losing every game. Dont mind if we lose and we try but not giving any effort is inexcusable and honestly why the hell did u even come out

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