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Default Re: Pistons to resign Prince and Jerebko

Originally Posted by dd24
Good point about what Butler got paid. I was actually a bit suprised since the Clippers were negotiating with Prince. You would think they would have offered him more than a 1 year deal........ it would make sense since he's better than Butler. The Clips have a better team and he is from the LA area too so you would think they could have made a better pitch to him. Of course it is the Clippers, lol.

I'd rather hold onto Rip & Gordon until a real deal comes along. Otherwise I would say let's just develop what we have. The only way we're going to get better at this point is through the draft. Rather than be a .500 team this year I'd rather be horrible and end up with a high draft pick. The way I figure it, that's better than what a trade would do for us. This years draft is going to be amazing. Monroe is going to be a stud. We need to see what we have with Knight, but I'm pretty sure he'll be a good PG. If we can get one more young guy with a ton of potential we'll be kind of like Portland or OKC was a few years ago. If we trade for a decent player, we just end up as a decent team and won't be able to contend against the teams like Chicago, NY, Miami, and Boston. We need to roll the dice with the draft.
prince is not a better player than butler. smarter? sure, but definitely not better, even on the defensive side of the ball anymore.
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