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Default Re: New Barclays Arena Renderings Revealed.

Originally Posted by gigantes
hopefully it will be mostly out-of-towners who do the driving in. anyone in the NYC area should be able to get there by LIRR's atlantic terminal if i understand correctly.

or amtrak? could people from jersey and upstate / western NY state take that to get in?

You dont even know the area but yet you have something the say..... You dont know what congestion is until you see it for yourself.... I lived in Tokyo it might not be on that level but damn near. Its going to be bad for the area in so many ways.

Originally Posted by DMV2
I take the Metro-North train from Duchess County into Grand Central when I go to NYC, if I don't feel like driving 3+ hours there.

I'm not too familiar with directions in the boroughs but I know Lower East Manhattan is right off of Brooklyn cuz I drove through once or twice. Which subway station goes from mid-town(Grand Central) or LES to the Barclays Arena area?

Almost every train in the NYC metro area goes within a 5 block (street) radius.
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