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Default Re: New Barclays Arena Renderings Revealed.

Originally Posted by Rameek
You dont even know the area but yet you have something the say..... You dont know what congestion is until you see it for yourself.... I lived in Tokyo it might not be on that level but damn near. Its going to be bad for the area in so many ways.
no need to be so high on your horse. i'm like a lot of people just trying to figure out logistics from a distance, so if any part of what i said is wrong, just say so.

but yea, i can appreciate what you're saying. tokyo traffic is legendary and i would be amazed if certain areas of NYC didn't come close. still, do you deny that building the place over the atlantic yards will greatly help flexibility in getting to barclays?

i don't doubt for a minute, either, that ratner never really gave an eff about negative impacts of the forest city development on brooklyn. that was pretty clear from the beginning.
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