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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

Corbin on starting rotation: Getting a better view of it but still not set yet.

Considering that they still have at least one more guy coming to camp not to mention the possibility of Howard and/or AK and who knows who else they'll be lucky if anything is set by the trade deadline when it could all be dismantled again.

Paul Carter: Tremendous athlete, first of all. He's a competitor. He can shoot the ball. He's long and rangy and can play some 3 for us. He's used to being a bigger guy in college but his athletic ability will let him play in the perimeter some. We look forward to seeing him playing the 3 role.

Jamaal Tinsley, Keith McLeod stepping up: I tell you what, they're really competing. They're really laying it out everyday. Keith is playing some 2 for us and some 1. Then Jamaal is a point with a lot of experience and will get into the games and making passes in tight spaces in the interior; pushing the ball up the floor; and then defending guys he really has demonstrated his veteran leadership here.

Tinsley looking like an NBA player: Oh, yeah. He's gotten himself and great shape. He's showing he can still compete at this level. He's been great.

Keith playing some 2 should help his chances which seem very slim with Earl's two year deal.
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