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Default Re: What do you think about the new roster?

I like the Bass acquisition. I was joyful when I heard the trade news. It's a nice change up from the soft layups we got from Baby. He's not a high leaper, but he is a power guy that can complement KG. He's a little reminiscent of Powe.

Really can't complain about the Wilcox acquisition. There wasn't really any decent centers in the market.

I don't like the Sasha signing. I rather have Wafer.

Although I'm hard on Jeff Green, I think he can be good for the Celtics with time at the 3. He needs to learn the system and he needs to grow some balls if he wants to be the 6th man.

I'm not that high on the Dooling signing. He can help out Bradley as the backup point so Bradley can play his more natural position.

I don't really want Marquis back. He's a nice player who has more brains than half the players in this league, but he's too fragile at this point.
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