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Default Not too OT: New legs for girl forced to walk on basketball

A girl in China who lost both her legs and has been getting around with the help of a basketball is set to get a new set of limbs.

Qian Hongyan, 8, had her legs amputated after a car accident five years ago and since then has moved on the ball, aided by pushing off wooden blocks.

Qian was so good at manoeuvring herself in this unique way she even manages to get to and from school everyday.

But now experts reckon she's ready to get a set of hi-tech false limbs.

Click here to see pictures of daily life for Qian

The operations are expected to cost around 5,500 in total, which is a huge amount of money in China, and it is being paid for by charitable donations.

New wheelchair

Hongyan has worn through six basketballs since developing her unusual way of getting about.

She's now been given a new wheelchair to use as transport while she waits for her new limbs. ize=full ize=full ize=full ize=full ize=full ize=full ize=full

And she seems so cheerful even though she's like that. It makes me wanna
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