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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Godzuki
u all are just mir haters....that fight was so brief and all Nog did was get 1 flurry in with a good connect which can happen to anybody, and its like all of u are trying to take away from Mir subbing him because so many of u play favorites werdum is WAY worse than mir, that fool just falls down on purpose and won't even try to standup....if anything Mir gets a bad rap for being so physically outmatched vs Lesnar. thats the only fight where he looked bush league, otherwise Mir is just as good as any of the names u mentioned. people hate on him so much too acting like Mir is some ahole which isn't even true either. Mir is a beast as long as he's not fighting people way bigger than he is
I think Mir is very good but is on or off he has very good aggressive BJJ and as you said is deadly, I just think he doesnt take getting hit in the face very well, all his 5 loses were TKO's and all the good top HW's are hard punchers JDS, CAIN and Overeem, Mir also doesnt have good takedowns to bring the battle to the ground, but he has decent striking and can beat anyone its just that sometimes he is hard to read as a fighter
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