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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
WTF are you rambling about this time? Anybody who watched the fight saw that Nog could have won no problems if he made Mir stand up or just didn't completely lose his mind.

If we're going to judge fighters on just 1 fight, then how about Mir vs. Vera?

Based on what?

LOL, he got destroyed by Vera in a minute, and Vera is mediocre LHW.

Hold on there buddy.... MIR VS VERA WAS YEARSSS AGO and Mir was just messed up, He was still tryna get back into shape.. the first 3 fights after the incident even the one in the middle he won against dan christison were horrendous.
Then he faced Brock which he was slightly in-shape ... it was ok.... but damn,
Mir vs Vera is a whole different story... your maybe gonna point out, chin has nothing to do with cardio.... well, all I gotta say is, see for yourself :)
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