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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
WTF are you rambling about this time? Anybody who watched the fight saw that Nog could have won no problems if he made Mir stand up or just didn't completely lose his mind.

If we're going to judge fighters on just 1 fight, then how about Mir vs. Vera?

Based on what?

LOL, he got destroyed by Vera in a minute, and Vera is mediocre LHW.

Nog lost u f'in idiot the IF card applies to every fight u moron especially in mma and u apply it with such a double standard its amazing u can't see how homer retard u are. i swear i feel like i'm arguing with some kobe fan that thinks he's made every clutch shot and never missed with how ridiculously bias u always are like some typical Sherdog retard. he caught Mir, it went to the groound, he tried to sub Mir, Mir went for his leg, then switched to kimora i believe and won it. no matter what double standard excuse u want to make for ure boy Nog he LOST. its just such a joke how if that was Nog that won like that u would act like he completely wrecked its so typical u....
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