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Not airballing my layups anymore
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Default Re: Playing with people who can't play(dribble pass make a layup etc.)

The worst is the guy with no shot who puts it up every time he touches the ball. It shows a fundamental lack of respect and understanding for your teammates and the game. These are usually the people who are the hardest to reason with too, who get super defensive when you offer constructive criticism.

If you don't have self-awareness and a sense of what your strengths and weaknesses as a player are, I don't want to be on your team. If there are better shooters than you on the court, why are you putting yourself in that role?

My biggest strengths are as a scorer and a facilitator...I can score in a lot of different ways, but if there is a better scorer on my team I'll be feeding him the ball. I'm not a great ball handler under pressure, so I try not to put myself in those situation.

I'm just always like, how do you not know that your shot sucks? You have to know. If I couldn't make a jumper, I wouldn't take jumpers. If all I could do well is set screens and box out, that's all I'd do.

The other thing is with hustle and defense.....if you aren't good skill wise you can always make it up for it, but you have to offer something to the game. Guys who don't have game.....and don't play hard.....why are you even there?

I don't think you need to have had formal coaching to grasp these concepts either, it's just simple common sense and basketball IQ. One of my favorite people to play with was a friend who'd roll to pickup games with me who had never played organized basketball after like 5th grade probably, but he'd been a soccer player, and he almost played basketball like it was soccer....real funky and unorthadox game, but he was smart and a good athlete and really unselfish so he was awesome to play with even though he didn't do things "the right way". He'd throw up some butt ugly shots, but because he'd do things like crash the boards after his own shots, and transition real well between offense and defense....he totally made up it
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