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Default Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva have many years left

Gordon, 28, was drafted third overall by the Bulls in 2004 and has three years left on a $55 million contract. Villanueva, 27, was drafted seventh overall by the Raptors in 2005 and has three years left on a $40 million contract. These aren't small names or small deals.

The Pistons haven't yet used their amnesty clause to rid themselves of a cumbersome contract. That's not a message to anyone in particular, but it's clear: Time to ante up, fellas.

"We just need Ben Gordon to get back to being Ben Gordon," Frank said as the Pistons prepared for their exhibition opener tonight. "He's had a tremendous attitude. He's a guy who obviously can open up a game with his scoring. He can go on great runs, and you just never know when it's coming. He hasn't been able to do it here so far, but we fully expect him to get back to being who he is."

-- Detroit News
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