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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

Ty on scrimmage:I thought for the most part our offense was pretty good at times. We did a pretty good job executing, especially the white team. They really moved the ball, moved their bodies and hit the open man and really didn’t turn the ball over, which was good. I was a little disappointed with the defense though. We’ve really got to pick up our defense on both ends of the floor (both teams). We missed some rotations. We didn’t get up into the guys like we’ve been doing all training camp.”

Sounds like same old Jazz. Might want to rethink the AK decision. Can hope it's just because they made more changes to the D and had a lot further to go on that end.

On Gordon Hayward, C.J. Miles, and Raja Bell

I thought Raja did a great job on both ends. He was really trying to defend guys. He was getting up into guys physically. You know Gordon and C.J. did a great job, especially on the offensive end, making plays and they hit their shots, which was encouraging.”

Good news about Raja I guess. Maybe they can trade him now?

Devin Harris – Guard (4 point, 6 assists)

6 assists is encouraging for him!

I thought the white team did a good job swinging the ball, moving the ball, and not turning the ball over.”

Who was the white team exactly?

On who performed well
I thought C.J. played well, Gordon looked great, and our rookies came out in those first 10 minutes and played well.”
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