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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

What's there to re-think? Jazz can't afford him. His asking price would once again cripple us cap-wise.

It would cripple them for good reason for for a change. A guy they need not like Jefferson/Raja last year or Okur the year before. Again I'd pay AK before those guys or Harris.

For what, exactly? And if he really has turned things around and can give us that kind of effort on both ends why would you trade him? His deal isn't exactly a cap-buster.

I'd trade him for a pick, a trade exception, anything if I could. I'm guessing he hasn't turned it around. How many guys his age look done one year and are back the next? Get rid of him if you can.

Reynolds and Gilder, who don't really count because they won't make the final squad

We don't know that since they do have roster spots available. If they was going to carry the young pg that they should be Reynolds is the only one in camp. Gilder and Carter sound like they are similar to Evans unfortunately for them cuz he has a guaranteed deal and Jazz wouldn't eat that even if they beat him out.

80% of that team you want the Jazz to trade. Perhaps you fail to see their value?

Sure I do. There's a couple expiring contracts there and another guy that teams had interest in before the Jazz had to take him to deal their superstar. Raja hard to see the value there that's for sure after the year he had.

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