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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

Originally Posted by Go Getter
JUst talked to one of the Jazz's staff (came by my job).

Says Burke is the real deal and besides his hops the kid has a stroke.

CJ needs to break out THIS year.

Excited about Burks, agree about C.J. He's in a contract year and he knows it. Looks to have put in some good work over the offseason but we've heard/seen that before only to find that it hasn't translated into better play on the court.

Will be interesting to see what the Jazz do come trade deadline time. Both Memo and C.J. are expirers and packaged together they constitute about 14 million in salary, which could bring back a VERY good player from a team looking to free up cap space or tank in order to position themselves nicely in the upcoming draft, which is loaded. I think the Jazz probably have some idea as to what they can get for a C.J. + Memo package but they held off because they want to see if C.J. outplays Burks/Hayward and they wanted Memo to get some time tutoring the young Kanter, even if only for a few months. Plus, teams tend to be more willing to go the salary dump route in February than at the beginning of the season.

Stay tuned, I suppose...
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