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Default Re: Trail Blazers should fast break more this year

Originally Posted by Maga_1
If we stay with Aldridge at PF and for now Camby at C .. it's ok to play an uptempo style, they run well the floor.
I just wish Rodriguez was still here, he was the best PG for that kind of style.

Andre Miller was always known as a run nd gun PG as well. He's not the fastest, but he loved to play uptempo ball. With guys like Felton, Crawford and GW we could be a really good team on the break. I hope McMillan lets the guys run this season. We should.

However, we should also stick to what was working for us. I think that coach did a solid job last season. We played a great half court set, with Aldridge being the main focus and playing like a true post up player.
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