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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

we need to resign AK for 9 million for 3-4 years?

Reports say he wants that. Reports also say he wants to play in Utah and they also said the Jazz wanted him. The market still makes him a 7-8 million dollar player in my book especially for a sorry ass team like the Jazz. Certainly more than the one dimensional bad backed back-up Okur is worth 10 mill or the undersized non defensive plaing black hole Jefferson is worth 14 mill or the non passing pg Harris is worth 10 mill or the should be retired Raja worth 3 mill or the now expendable CJ is worth 3 mill.

How many years I couldn't say. Would he take that to stay in Utah for another year or two? Probably. How much were the Jazz wanting to pay him when they say they want him back? Veteran minimum? LOL!

How many games does he play again?

Enough. How many will Okur's back allow him to loaf up and down the court to throw up 3's?
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