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Default Re: Charlie Zelenoff and Kim Kardashian

Originally Posted by macmac
You have no idea what you're talking about. You think this guy would dedicate his whole goddamn life to this great method acting performance? Like his actual whole life, travelling to different gyms and cities, talking like a retard for hours on end, starting shiit with random ppl, buying ridiculous clothes and getting stupid tattoos, etc just for this life long performance? Who is he doing it for? A couple of internet kids? He is wasting his whole life for little to no gratification so he can mildly amuse/annoy a couple of ppl he will never meet?

I think that's possibly the saddest way to spend your existence. It's even worse than actually being the retard

It's not method acting for the sake of method action, it's a way to eventually make money with this online persona. people have done worse $hit for less.
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