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Default Re: PRESEASON Official CatCast: Hawks @ Bobcats, 12/19, 7 PM EST, Time Warner Cable Arena

I have DISH in Raleigh...which has been Death Valley in terms of getting the Bobcats on TV. For some reason however, Monday night's game was unblocked on FSS! I don't know why...but I'm not asking any questions.

Point is...I totally forgot about digging up a link for the obvious reasons. Tomorrow night I'll make a point of PMing anyone who might need it once I run across one. Just post my name in the gamecast thread and I'll try and get you something.

On a side note...the guys in the chat over on Planet are very good with coming up with a stream. I know B4E shows up occasionally. If I can't be found for some reason that's always an option.
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