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Originally Posted by irondarts
I like him, don't think he's trashy, I think he's good. But he's not ready for the NBA and I think scouts will see that, he could sneak into the first round this year, but if he stayed, he'd more than likely be a lottery pick. So, that's why I say he should stay.

Pretty sure by March unless he gets an injury that scouts are going to see he is, in fact, ready for the NBA. I think they are already seeing it. People see him as a lotto pick next year, sure, but that's now. A long time between now and the end of the season.

He had a couple of bad games against good comp, and he'll be tested again tonight, but his body is very NBA ready, he's smart (even though he makes dumb mistakes, he has good ideas), and he's got 'skill.'

People are already throwing hard doubles at him.

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