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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

He's worth it more than Jefferson, Harris and Raja are worth what they get paid. He would make them better.

The only guy that even has the potential to give them what AK did defensively is Evans and he hasn't shown the ball handling and unselfish passing skills of AK(which are really needed with Harris at the 1) or rather he can do it consistently in a real game.

We still have no idea what AK will actually take to come back. He's supposedly asking for 9. Think he makes 5 in Russia some of which he has already made. He says he wants to be in Utah and in the NBA. They said they wanted him back. 7 or 8 is about right I'd say. Might be able to get him for considerably less? His market is drying up by the day to. NJ. Sacremento signed Hayes and Outlaw. Do they have anymore interest? Anyone else?
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