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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by LeFraud James
35 catches over his last 6 games, and he's starting to convert some TDs.

After that godly performance by Megatron the last game, I think SD makes it a priority to double team him.That could be good news or bad news for Burleson, as Stafford is not afraid to spread the wealth.

With that said, I expect Burleson to get around 80 receiving yards with a 25% chance of scoring.

Torrey I assume will get around 50 yards receiving, and has about a 50% chance of scoring.

It really depends on team context during the FF playoffs. If you have too many boom or bust players, you have to go with the safer play in Burleson. On the other hand, if your skill positions are filled with players who constantly put up respectable numbers and you have some room to gamble, Smith is your guy.

If you want to give me an outlook of your team I would be more than happy to tell you which guy is the better play.

DEF: Seattle
LB: Derrick Johnson
DB: Tyvon Branch

If i were to start Megatron that would mean id be staring to Lions receivers.
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