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Default Re: Official UCLA Bruins Thread:

Originally Posted by hoopsfan3409
i agree they definately don't have enough offense, defense wins chamionships, but you have to have the offensive production to win the games to get to the championships. collison is fast though so so fast.

Originally Posted by IBall280
i dont think ucla is that good no offense

Umm, they don't have enough offense? Uh no, they have all the offense they need. Arron Afflalo, Josh Shipp, Luc Richard MBah A Moute, Darren Collison, Michael Roll, Nikola Dragovic, James Keefe all have damn good offensive games, alhtough Keefe and Dragovic don't play much. This is a defensive oriented team, but they can score if they choose too[Scored over 80 9 times this year]. They will shut down the other opposing teams with pretty much ease, so I'm not worried about their offense that much. Aaron Gray will be getting abused tonight [by abused I mean when he has the ball, he will be getting hit and a ton of contact] at the hands of Lorenzo Mata, Alfred Aboya and Prince Luc Richard MBah A Moute
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