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Default Re: Adrian Peterson tears ACL, needs reconstructive surgery

Yeah what made Peterson different is his explosiveness, agility to cut back kick it into gear and take off. Like DJ mention the guy is a freak. There have been Rbs who today are productive after knee injuries. Frank Gore as mentioned, Willis Mcgahee. But neither are Rbs you mention as the best in the NFL. Neither you sit and anticipate greatness from a run. No knock on them because they are productive Rbs but the reason Peterson was better is most likely going to be lost after this injury.

And what advanced technology is there today? Post articles, cite players. Something, you cant just throw that term out there and think it sticks. I'd like to read up on tearing your ACL, MCL and how there is a procedure that repairs and makes them even stronger than before they were torn so you dont lose what you once had. Otherwise we're talkin about hope, faith. Wait, its primetime. Disregard this. No wonder.
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