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Default Re: Adrian Peterson tears ACL, needs reconstructive surgery

Originally Posted by mlh1981
Even if this injury hadn't happened, he has still reached a stage in his career where wear/tear was going to become a concern soon. He's been a workhorse back.

The stats were already in a slow decline.

Even with just one of these injuries, it was bound to be a tough road ahead for him, let alone two. He can still come back and be a solid contributor, but I think his days of being one of the top stars in the league is sadly over.

Yep, the shelf life of an NFL RB is pretty quick....his stats were declining and he knew it.....and didn't want to let Toby Gerhart get a he played hurt and the results were a disaster. Will the Vikings go into next season with Gerhart as their starter.....will be fun to watch...........especially when they have Vikings "fans" posting on their forums that Toby "runs like Fred Flintstone"........
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