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Default 2012 plans, New Year's Resolutions?

Last week of the year, 6 days until 2012. Fresh start, clean slate for those who had a bad year. Keep up the good life for those who had a great 2011.

I had a decent 2011 since it was my recovery year for me. Fresh start if you will. Recovered from debt, found new job, made new career plans and had a new outlook on life.

My main resolution for 2012 is simple, to stay the course of what I've been doing this year. Emotionally, I want to know how to forgive and reconcile with family members and old friends. Be more open, courteous, sincere with acquaintances and associates.

Physically, I want to volunteer and help out this local Christian church that's been so good to me for a few years now. It's only fair if I give back. And when I make plans and think of doing something, I'm going to physically do it! That's been my problem in the past, I think too damn much and showed little progress. The more I think, the more I gotta do. Lastly, learn some kind of talent so I can keep people entertained- playing an instrument or drawing(well, good artwork anyway).

What say you, ISH? And Happy New Year, ISH!!!!

P.S. I know people don't usually keep up with these New Year's resolutions but it's always cool to make them and try.
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