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Default Re: The secret to gaining VERTICAL

Originally Posted by pauk
look at the best vertical jumpers in the world... the olympic high jumpers..... none of them have hulk upper body... infact they want to be as light-skinny-ripped as possible.... a human at any weight is more than enough to be propelled thru the gravity at any rate.... the less weight = the more vertical.... so much upperbody weight will only actually make it harder/impossible to get as high up as you could with LESS weight....

there is no SECRET....

its all about:

1. genetics (fast twitch ligaments)
2. plyometrics/jumping & jumping & jumping & jumping & jumping (trying to enhance those fast twitch ligaments)

doing weights WONT HELP YOU... im sorry... unless you can find some weight that can make your ligaments bigger....

notice i said LIGAMENTS... not MUSCLES.... getting stronger/more muscles wont help you.... its only a fantasy...

EVERYBODY knows this..... but they try so desperately to not lose hope of their dreams......... and try to imagine there is some "secret" way of getting higher vertical....

Look.... you can only workout to your genetical potential to bring out as much vertical as you GENETICALLY can... and that workout is simple... Running / Plyometrics (Jumping)...

Weights help you a LOT.

They help increase your maximum strength which you need to do in order to develop a higher lift of speed for higher verticle
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