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Default Re: Adrian Peterson tears ACL, needs reconstructive surgery

I know you guys think I am being a silly homer when I say this but PLEASE don't compare him to other RBs...yeah, most RBs drop off but AD is not "most RBs"...he is fckin Super Man

Emmitt Smith ran for a very long time at a high level...yeah he had big holes to run through, but he STILL took a huge pounding every play, the holes had nothing to do with his durability or the shots he took, he still had to get tackled...Emmitt as well as others have shown that durability is different to everyone

Larry Johnson used up his milage in 1 year...Emmitt ran 1,000+ for 10 years straight...they just weren't built the same

Peterson this year was NOT on the decline...this was likely his prime infact...he hasn't seen 4.7 YPC in 3 years...and that with a Christian Ponder pass threat to the D...
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