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Default Re: Game Thread: Heat vs. Bobcats

Saw some really pleasing aspects from a number of players after just watching the game.

Biz showed some good things to me. His defensive movement and positioning is at a higher level than I first perceived it to be, and he's racking up a lot less silly fouls than I thought he would. He seems to be slightly more developed than I thought.

Kemba looked good again, and yeah I would have liked to have seen him in at the end of the game over Corey. The kid is fearless, he'll miss 3 shots in a row but still come down and show the same confidence the next possession.

BJ Mullens and DJ White, both showed some fearlessness I didn't know they had.

Everyone impressed me at one point or another, even Corey, though he was horrible on offense. He did what he could against LeBron, but he didn't look good offensively.
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