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The Bill Conlin story, any thoughts? It was kind of left field. Cant say I looked into the story. I heard it about 2-3 days after the story broke when I noticed "Conlin retired abruptly before the new broke". So I'm unsure what comments he put out to the media. But today I read this article by Rich Hoffman

Pretty good and another wow, I didnt know that feel. I thought Conlin was known throughout the Daily News. I guess he was but people didnt actually know him. Weird he could work there so many years and not have many relationships it seems. I wonder who was close to the guy there. I've seen him on Daily News Live talkin with guys like Hoffman, Hayes, that old white guy whose name skips my mind. Stan something. Figured there was some kind of relationship with the reporters since they both have something in common. The love for covering sports.

Didnt know where to put this thread since only Philly folks who read the Daily News would know who it is I'm speaking of.
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