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Originally Posted by Rameek
He cant create his own shot or score efficiently and he has limited offensive ability. Cant play defense. Pretty low basketball IQ. This is why he isnt signed. He cant bring nothing to an NBA team.

I remember he was decent about 3 or 4 years ago in LA but the flaws were very telling.

He avg 16 ppg in 08 09. Are you saying stuff just to disagree with me or do you really watch him play? He avg 11 ppg over his career in less than 30 minutes a game. I hate when ppl play the "he's not in the league so he sucks" card. Obviously that's not true because he's better than everyone on our bench. If you don't think we need him cool but c'mon man. Actin like he's a bum when our starting PG just dropped 5 and 5 in 33 minutes of play gets you a "C'mon son".

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