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Originally Posted by franchize
Like they did with Jared Jeffries? We have @ least 5 guys that would not be in the league if it weren't for us lol
Since Al is around 27 years old, who do we have on the team around that age that wouldn't be in the NBA, if it wasn't for us?

Keep in mind that there is only two players on our roster that WE drafted.

The fact that Al Thornton is not in the NBA, is just an indication of Al Thornton, no need to get bent on it.

BTW, are you really aware of the Clippers record when he was averaging 16ppg? 19-63.

Want no parts of that.

This really isn't about Jeffries though, as he doesn't hurt the team in the 10 minutes he plays.

Two defensive stops, whether taking charges or getting steals.

I'd take that every single day for the 8-9th man off my bench that plays 10-15 minutes a game.

It's called a specialty player, and all teams have one.
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