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Default Getting Game Back Up To Par & Regaining Confidence/Swagger

Ok this seems to happen to me quite alot and I think it has prevented me from becoming a really good player that I am capable of. There will be a stretch were Im really playing ball at a high level and destroying the competition, it feels like I can't be stopped and that I was born with the ball attached to my arm. However, I then go into a stretch where Im not constantly playing basketball and sometimes its for a long period of time, like this time I haven't played for about 3 weeks (just started playing again).
Now when I returned to the court my handles are loose, shot is shaky and inconsistent, im less quicker, react alot slower and just overall worse than what I was.

I know that some of you might suggest the cure for this to be just play consistently until you regain those things, but im looking for a permanent solution. I think that maybe there is some phycological aspect that is holding me back. Im not in "basketball mode". Im just trying to figure out how I can regain all that ive lost in as little time as possible. My feel for the ball is not there yet, like my handles are not effortless and smooth as it was in the past
Can someone please help, and give advice. Thanks
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