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I will address everything you said.......

Originally Posted by franchize
Doesn't matter what the record was. We have guys on our team that couldn't average 10 ppg if their life depended on it.

Every team has guys that won't average 10ppg.

Dallas last season only had 5 that averaged 10ppg, which is pretty normal for any good ball club.

And we should be there as well, with Stat, Melo, Shumpert, Baron, who can each be good scorers as a whole.

Which is why I wanted to flip TD for Crawford, which was a legit possibility, because this team needs more players who can score. far a role players go, they fit a role, and scoring isn't the only role on a team.

Our guys do fill roles, we have an awful coach who can't utilize them properly.

Originally Posted by franchize
Jared Jeffries is NOT the 8th or 9th man off the bench.In fact, he started games for us last year....and you were fine with him then too. If you don't think having bums on your team don't hurts your team then we have a totally different idea of what winning basketball is. That, and you clearly didn't watch our Playoff series against the Celtics last year.

Jeffries is a good 8-9 man.

Take a good look at any team third to fourth player that comes off the bench, and please tell me the names of those guys that are better, that plays 15 minutes or less.

I will use the Champions in this example.

Corey Brewer, Brian Cardinal, Ian Mahinmi, Alexis Ajinca, Dominique Jones, Steve Novak

Those were their "15 minutes or less" guys over the course of the year.

Anything in there makes you mouth water to be on our team?

Originally Posted by franchize
Harrelson, Lin, Jeffries, Bibby, Jordan and probably Novak wouldn't be in the league anymore if we didn't acquire them.

None of those guys were drafted by us, so no way to truly predict that.

Harrelson is a hustle guy, and a decent shooting touch so I think he may hang around some time.

Lin will find a spot somewhere, as he is young, will come cheap, and for 10 minutes, is a decent player for depth.

Jeffries played on a playoff team prior to Isiah blowing a full MLE on him, and at vets min he's more than serviceable in his 10 minutes a game.

I think Jordan is a bust, but guess what?

7 foot big men with size, always hang around, they always do.

Novak is a very good spot up three ball shooter, which is why solid clubs picked him up just last year alone in the Mavs and Spurs, and he helped both clubs in the time he was there.

Bibby is a backup third stringer now.

But the overall point is you're complaining about guys who are 8th man and beyond on ours and anyone's roster.

These guys are dirt cheap, and they aren't the one's hurting the team.

Originally Posted by franchize
If you think that everyone who deserves to be in the NBA is and everyone else just isn't good're sadly mistaken. That's like saying every good rapper has a record deal and radio play. It's all about opportunity. Look at Sundiata Gaine that plays for the Nets. I grew up playing against him. He was a standout at Georgia but the team underachieved. He lingered in the D-League and got called up.Luckily, his 1st game he hit a game winner against LeBron n the Cavs. Otherwise,he wouldnt have gotten passed his 10 day contract. Crazy part is, there were guys better than him growing up who just didnt get their shot. I've played in tournaments where Joakim Noah rode the bench and only got in the game when it was a blowout.

That's a cool story to say the least, but of course there are players out there who could be NBA players.

I have the height (6' 7"), weight (245), not fat (10%), in shape, and can shoot well, have good fundamentals, and a strong mindset.

There are millions of people who fit that bill.

But that wasn't my upbringing, nor my pursuit, just recreation from the park, and playing with my high school team in practice, which I still do til this day.

Agent sell their players to teams, very few teams do thorough recruiting, and scouting, anymore, they rely more on the agents now than ever.

Originally Posted by franchize
Bottom line is, GM's are lazy;especially in this shortened offseason. Historically,the Knicks have been one of the biggest culprits. We sign names and not talent. We do the same with our coaching choices. The Knicks never get guys like Tom Thibadeau because theyre all about signing guys with names. If you can't see Mike Bibby us done, you dont deerve to be a GM. If you can't see guys like Jared Jeffries sucks, you dont deserve to be a GM. This isn't just about Al Thornton. It's about getting young,talented guys who have potential to get better. Not wasting money and roster spots on scrubs who are only good for drawing charges. Dont tell me a guy who avg less than 5 ppg and can't hit a free throw or guard anybody, yet gets quality minutes, doesnt hurt your team. It's simply not true. Furthermore, you said EVERY team has one of those guys. We have a whole team FULL of those guys. I repeat, we have FOUR players who can create their own shot. FOUR!!! and two are injured.

Just about every playoff team has these types of guys.

Go look at their roster guy.

Every team is not like the Showtime Lakers back in the day.

And we don't have a team full of them, what we have is a misguided and misused group of guys.

Better coaching, and this squad when 100% full strength, would be a legit contender.
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