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You're missing my point. It's not tht those guys wont avg 10 ppg. It's that if they played 48 minutes a game, they STILL couldnt avg 10 ppg.

The reason the ATL trade didnt work is because nobody wants Toney Douglas lol Why would you sign and trade for Toney Douglas? Take on a guaranteed deal for nothing? Douglas would be the 3rd or 4th pg.

Mahinmi,Brewer, Ajinca and Domonique Jones are all better than Jeffries. It's not even close. Mahinmi just dropped 19 last night. Jeffries may not score 19 all season I'll give u Cardinal. He shouldnt be in the league. I was one of the ppl pissed that we didnt use Corey Brewer when we had him. And I said during the offseason I wanted Ajinca. Dominique Jones was a big time scorer in college who just doesnt get opportunities because of the team he's on.

Jared Jeffries and good shouldn't be in the same sentence unless it's "Jared Jeffries is good and terrible" Im sorry, if all you can offer is two charges a game, you suck. He isn't a good defender.He's an overrated rebounder. He is non-existant on offense and he can't make a free throw. If you can't see that he's a liability, Im done trying to convince you.

1st of all, the Hornets drafted Harrelson FOR us.They had no intention on keeping him.2nd if all Harrelson does NOT have a good shooting touch. In fact, I dont know when he started shooting 3's. He NEVER did that in college. Furthermore, his 1st shot in the Laker game was a wide open airball. It didnt even reach the charge semi-circle

I have no complaints about Jordan. I'm willing to wait and see if he pans out. I NEVER gripe about players with potential.I also have no problems with Novak. He's one dimensional, but that dimension is really good. Lin looks like a scrub but time will tell. I can tolerate Walker and Balkman.

What I can't tolerate is getting guys like Harrelson, Jeffries and Bibby.They not only stink but have no potential on getting better.Guys in their 30's dont improve suddenly. As for Harrelson, he's shown that he's never going to be anything more than a fat rugged undersized white guy (no offense to white ppl).He was that in college and he's that in the pros. Because he hada decent tournament, ppl started acting like he was Tyler Hansbrough and he's not. Then once again, we drafted a name,totally disregarding his struggles during the regular season. Same thing we did with Jerome James

I'm a rough critic. I'll admit it. But I have a big problem with the fact that I have a 6'7" cousin and a 5'11" friend who would wipe the floor with our bench players and they arent THAT good. My cousin plays in the Phillipines and he'd KILL Jared Jeffries. Not even bragging. We have a professional basketball team with guys that don't even belong in the NBA. That's a problem!
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