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Default Friend of mine died last night in the war.

Know its off topic...dont really care.

Died in Iraq. Never even got to see his daughter. First person ive known to die in war. My grandfather was in WW2. I had uncles in Vietnam. But this is the first war I lost a friend in. People I knew were in the first gulf war. 5-6 people over there now. First one lost. Known him since we were 11. I was gonna join the navy when he joined the army but ended up being talked into college by my mom. I might be in some **** now myself if not for that.

I try to think he died for something but in all honesty I cant think of what. wasnt protecting america. Wasnt in some WW2 **** fighting for the world. Or even Vietnam supposedly fighting communism. Just over there doing....whatever. Having a hard time putting a positive spin on it...
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