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Franchize how many kids do you want this team to have?

Some teams have the luxury to pull guys off the street and give them a shot and find diamonds in the rough. Usually those teams are non-playoff teams lottery teams. Perfect example GSW they pull dudes out of the arse like crazy. This team is pretty young on the bench and you have a handful of guys with some NBA experience.

I do not like what the GM's have done as far as the bench the past 2 years. Just a fact of life many people dont want to play for the Knicks.

This year was a year that I wanted the Knicks to sign Sebastian but at no time before did I think he fit in.

You think Al Thornton is young and talented. He had a good year with LA a while ago. Funny enough he reminds me of Travis Outlaw. This is my impression of Al He cant create his own shot or score efficiently and he has limited offensive ability. Cant play defense. Pretty low basketball IQ. I dont think the Knicks need that.

You may have another impression all together.
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