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Default Re: Ricky Rubio, Ty Lawson, Brandon Jennings: Euroleague Stats Versus NBA Stats

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
Rubio is the focus here. Jennings' issues over in Europe are explainable, and I haven't seen enough of Lawson to come to any definitive conclusions.

The fact that Rubio was playing so poorly in the Euroleague, but has made an impressive NBA debut is definitely interesting. I still want to see more of a body of work, especially when teams start to gameplan for him.

Jennings' issues were not explainable beyond he played bad. The third string PG of his team outplayed him. He did however play better than Rubio did in Euroleague.

Lawson just could not play well in the Euroleague because he's way too small to compete in a physical league like that. Take any NBA point guard that can't handle physical play and they will fail in the Euroleague.

Rubio's issues were plainly that he is a one trick pony. Fancy passes in a run and gun style of basketball.

Rubio is just like LeBron. He will get exposed the instant he faces any defense. Does not happen until deep in the NBA playoffs.............because NBA teams don't play defense until then.

Rubio is all flash and no substance, all hype and a natural born loser - just like LeBron is.
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