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Default Re: Walkthough Suggestions?

Originally Posted by Mr. I'm So Rad
Uncharted 3 would be cool to do. Are you really good at any other games?

The 7 I named I'm really good at; and I choose them because a) I own them and b) they aren't overly long.

Other games I'm good at is Red Dead Redemption and God Of War but they aren't really strategy heavy and (GOW in particular) simply requires timely combo hits then actual skills/strategy.

Uncharted/COD games are interesting to me because:

1) You need to know how the AI reacts in each area.
2) You need to have patience.
3) You need to know when to be aggressive.
4) You need to be precise with your aiming.
5) You need to know proper cover for certain areas.
6) You need to use proper weapons for certain areas.

Plus, there is a "chapter" select for these games, and it makes it easier for me to record game-play without cut scenes.
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