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Originally Posted by franchize
If you say so I mean I hate his coaching too but c'mon That has nothing to do with the fact that when Melo and Stat are out the game, teams go on huge runs. The coaching sucks but theres also a huge lack of talent in out 2nd unit. The thing that get me is, you' complain about D'Antoni's defense (and rightfully so) but we have guys who havent been good defenders EVER in their careers.But if you want to keep touching the fire to find out it's hot all means.
You're actually covering up the fact that it's D'antoni's fault this team looks like this.

The team should be competing, no matter who is on the floor, that is 100% on the coach.

Stat is not defending at all, and is playing from the perimeter only, but coach say nothing.

Boris fraking Diaw looks like Tim Duncan tonite, but no adjustments, and he was Stat's assignment.

Gerald Henderson looks like Rip Hamilton, but no adjustments.

Even when D'antoni was mic'ed up, all he said was "let's go, let's, let's go".

And I call bull on the defense point.

Chicago became a defensive team IMMEDIATELY when they hired Thibbs, and that's with the worst defender on the team in Boozer.

Boston became defensive immediately just by adding KG.

Pierce and Ray Allen are not great defenders, yet the team plays great defense.

Team defense is COACHED and the players must buy-in.

But defense is not being coached, that is evident.

The system is not involved around defense, this team still wants to outscore opponents.
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