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[quote=knickscity]Teams lose when their best players isn't playing, Boston started 0-3.

Is the rest of their team scrubs too?

Dallas started 0-4, Dirk Kidd and terry must suck too?

The point is....... team's will lose.

But this team isn't losing because of lack of quality players.

It's losing because key elements of WINNING basketball is not stressed.

I just watched the post game and Melo and Tyson said some interesting things.

Melo doesn't wanna ruffle feathers and actually complimented Stat on being aggressive.

He had that same look on his face when asked if he had talked to CP3 about coming to the Knicks.

"Nope, never had that convo".

He was blatantly lying tonite.

Chandler said "players are mad", and the defensive rotation are terrible and you can't win like that."

This isn't lack of talent, it's the system.

It is not ironic that Stat comes back and the team gives up 118 points and his assignment rocks him for 75% shooting!!!!

Boris Diaw is an 8ppg player...... career!!!!!

Now come on, you've played organized ball.

I have as well.

Please tell me when a player is not competing, and letting his man abuse him, is the coach supposed to say something?

Or just let it continue?

This team has talent, but has a terrible system that does not fit the team.

We were at full strength and still lost, and lost big, to a team that was on a four game losing streak.

Friday we play a team that is on a 6 game losing streak.

Both of these teams may not win 30 games COMBINED, but I fully expect them to win against this team.

Because the system is built for losing.[/QUOTE

Not getting where you're going with this nor am I understanding why you don't see that I'm agreeing with you about D'Antoni. But since you mentioned Boston and Dallas, let's examine those teams. When Dallas subs, they have the luxury of bringing guys like Lamar Odom and Jason Terry off the bench. The Celtics have the luxury of bringing guys like Brandon Bass, Avery Bradley and this new guy Stiemsma off the bench. Is D'Antoni our biggest problem and doe he need to go? Abolutely! Is he our only problem? Absolutely NOT! You have to admit our bench got worse this offseason. We just have too many guys that you can't afford to have on the court for more than 5 minutes. That coupled with an idiot for a coach is a recipe for disaster. When playing Toney Douglas major minutes or having to play Mike Bibby is your options, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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