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Chicago deal better than Charlotte's = Gordon, Duhon, Chandler, Deng & picks for Bron... picks may be too much. It'd leave them with Hinrich, Bron, Nocioni, Thomas & a C from next year's draft (Oden if they keep the option to switch with Knicks)

Orlando deal better than Charlotte's = Nelson, Milicic, Battie, Ariza, picks for Bron... Arroyo, Redick, James, Howard, whoever

etc. I don't feel like going through the scenarios.

LeBron is viewed as a once in a generation perimeter player. Maybe a once in a lifetime player. If he were to be traded BEFORE he becomes a free agent, there would be a better package than what Charlotte is rumored to have offered. In fact, if I were Cleveland, I would MAKE him walk even if it meant me getting no compensation. No way, there is nO WAY he would leave an extra year and another 20+ million on the table or whatever the number would be. He just wouldn't do it. And Kobe wouldn't have done it to the Lakers either which is why they should have gotten a better deal for Shaquille but that's another story.

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